How to Buy Froge

It's easier than you think!
1. Download MetaMask
- Available for chrome browser, ios, and android at
- Set up a new wallet, and follow recommendations for storing your seed phrase and password securely.
- Add Ethereum to this wallet by copying the wallet address
2. Add Ethereum to your new MM Wallet
- Copy the wallet address of your new MM wallet
- Paste it in your other wallet's, or favorite CEX (Central Exchange) site's "Send To" field.
- We are sending ETH to buy froge with

3. Log in to Uniswap
Expand for Detailed Uniswap Setup Walkthrough
4. When everything is set up and ready for trading, the interface should look like this:
- Click on the link if prompted

Now the fun begins! Here's some extra tips for trading on uniswap

- Click the gear icon at the upper right of the swap widget to set "slippage".

- Q: What is slippage? A: Since orders to buy or sell require time spent queueing and processing the order, the trader does not know at what price the market will be at when their order's processing finally executes. The slippage allows the transaction to "slip" higher and lower than the price set by the order.

- 3% is the recommended slippage for froge, but in times of higher volatility and activity, setting it as high as 20% can be justified - it's up to the trader to take on the extra risk associated with higher slippage - there's a chance slippage works in your favor, anyway!

- Q: Uniswap gives me an undefined error, what's wrong? A: Froge uses more decimals than other coins. Try using whole, rounded numbers with no decimal values. And if the first rounded number you try doesn't work, change it just a little and try again.

- TIP: In times of higher volatility and activity, you definitely want to pay for the highest gas fee. The longer the tx takes to complete, the more of a chance that your slippage setting won't be enough.

- TIP: If the amount of Froge we have is under a certain amount, MetaMask might not show the amount. In that scenario, we connect to something like Zerion to verify our bag!

5. Add Froge Token to MetaMask
- In your MM Wallet, click the "Add Token" button at the bottom of the token list view
- paste Froge's contract address

After adding to metamask...

... do not be alarmed if your amount does not show up. A default MetaMask setting prevents some new assets from displaying correctly due to the amount of digits following the decimal. For this reason, we recommend connecting your MetaMask wallet to app.zerion for an improved experience and ability to track and manage your $Froge.