BSC Bridge FAQ

Tokenomics of bFroge:
1% distributed to holders (of bFroge and not eFroge)
1% to multi-sig dev wallet
0.1% to multi-sig wallet for community decided charities
Dev wallets for donations:
- ERC-20 — 0xc3154Eb6ebb44913E8b32C27725083189D5C0463
- BSC — 0x17001f4d5BEF12b623d9d7392431E57944Adc9c2
The bridge will charge 1% transfer fee amounting to no less than $1 and no more than $500. Half of this fee goes to UniTrade to maintain the bridge indefinitely, the other half to the dev wallet. (obtaining further clarification on this)

Will bFroge price start at 0, or whatever the ETH coin is at that time?
bFroge price will start at eFroge price, and will always follow eFroge price
Will a transaction in bFroge distribute tokens to eFroge holders (and vice versa)?
No, the tokenomics will be isolated to their respective networks
Will transferring across the bridge incur a 2.1% fee?
Yes, for eFroge only
If I hold eFroge, will I have to do anything when bFroge launches?
No, your eFroge will not be affected
When launching on BSC, how will that affect the price of Froge?
The initial price of bFroge on PCS will match the price of eFroge on UniSwap at time of launch
Will bFroge and eFroge remain the same price?
They run on two separate contracts so they will not be the exact same price, however arbitrage opportunities will be capitalized on which will keep the price very close (similar to how the price on WhiteBIT stays close to eFroge)
Will launching bFroge change the supply of Froge?
Any bFroge in circulation must be unlocked from the bridge contract by locking eFroge up 1:1, so supply will not be affected.
The initial bFroge liquidity on PCS will come from the eFroge raised by the community.
I see USDT as a swap option on PCS - does this mean I don’t need BNB to buy bFroge?
You may trade any available BEP-20 token for bFroge, just as you can trade any available ERC-20 token for eFroge - though you do need BNB to pay for gas on PCS, just like you need ETH to pay for gas on UniSwap.